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A Gift From Above - Amagrus - 10-29-2019

It was a nice sunny day in An'she, Merfrid was just chilling in the shade, under a tall tree. There was a calm breeze and he had fallen asleep there.

*Merfrid sleeps*

Night had fallen and Merfrid was woken up to a wind spirit who happened to be throwing him all over the place. Merfrid wondered why he wasn't taking any damage, and when he saw his hot bar, his hearts and hunger bar weren't there...

It was when he opened his inventory to see he had been given creative mode.... The Elders must have seen good spirits on him, and decided to grant him this beautiful gift. Merfrid then flew off into the distance, thus escaping the wind spirit.

Merfrid went on to do good things for Atlas with his new game mode.

Disclaimer: I didn't actually get creative mode lol.