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Quest Contests and Submissions - longfellow4 - 10-24-2019

Unfortunately it's no surprise that a some of the npc towns on Atlas have hardly any quests and detail. A solution to this I thought of is to get the community to help with adding their own ideas to make the cities and bigger story feel more alive. We could host either contests for the best quests and offer some sort of reward, or simply allow players to submit their ideas to Story-God Iyo and the creative team for review. 

A big issue I can see being brought up is player quests and input affecting the overarching story Atlas has planned. Fixes for this could be to make bigger overarching quests not allowed, and only have players do more local storylines - and/or we can also allow players to think of bigger things and add them in if it sounds like it would be fun for the server.

Hopefully if this is passed, it would not only result in more lore activity and player involvement in Atlas - but possibly even bring some more ideas to the table for the servers' lore and events!

RE: Quest Contests and Submissions - Wizardteepot - 10-24-2019

One of the biggest issues with this, barring something you already brought up (how player ideas will affect the already planned out storyboard ideas we have moving forward) is the workload that it creates. As the saying goes, ideas are a dime a dozen, and this holds true with any part of development, from quest writing to plugin making, so on and so forth. While it would be great to include ideas from the community, unless the community is also willing to step up and write the quests for us, the responsibility for writing quests basically falls onto our already limited writing team (Iyo and Myself), who are also currently busy with spinning 1000 other plates as well.

Now, none of this is to say that this is a bad idea, but I would certainly suggest that we change the notion of "just supply the storywriters with more ideas" to "let's approach the storywriters with a fleshed out story" or even apply to be storywriters yourselves!