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Book of Luminescence: Volume I - Raxius - 09-04-2019

Book of Luminescence: Volume I
Written by Raxius Dykron of Aureus
Edited by Epik Nyan of Nordkälte
Drafted on the 284th Day of Timberfall, 436 ACE
Published on the 369th Day of Cryos, 437 ACE as the first religious text for all followers of Fotia.
[Image: Rge2JIlM08mz4mVAylt__O55f9ZS4assNRKGnASB...k8ZR1Mf5US]

Story of Origin
In the beginning, there was The One. He created the first Three. Fotia, Scyse, and Aniyna. After creating them, The One gave its children each a specific duty. 
“My daughter, Fotia, you shall be the one of Life.”
“My son, Scyse, you shall be the one of Death.”
“My daughter, Aniyna, you shall be the one of Knowledge.”

After giving the Great Three their divine responsibilities, The One created the realms. He created Lifona, the realm of life, Mortem, the realm of death, and Yuli, the realm of knowledge; And between the realms, it was necessary for there to be a bridge between. With that need, he created Semita, a realm of darkness that allowed them to do just so.
After forming the realms, The One said,
“You shall now be free to fill any desires you please in the realms I have created, but remember that with fulfilling those desires, you are bound by eternity to perform your responsibilities. Therefore, I shall create another child to maintain the balance of these tasks.”

After saying so, The One created Arrophae.
“My daughter Arrophae, you shall be the arbiter of balance. You shall watch over your brother and sisters, ensuring that they continue to realize the duties assigned to them.”

After proclaiming the assignment of Arrophae, The One said, 
“My children I must sleep, for I am very tired. Carry out your tasks and maintain these realms.”

And thus, The One then went to sleep in Semita. 

After the hibernation of The One, Fotia began to create life. She created the suns, the lands of the realms, the animals, beasts, and also the mortals. To help Sysce manage the dead, Fotia created the various creatures of Mortem.  After this creation, the mortals lived and the gods oversaw their realms.

The First Immolation
After many years, Aniyna of the realm of knowledge grew bored. She knew all, and with this, she knew she could not do what The One was capable of with Arrophae keeping the balance. She went to Arrophae and said, 
“Please sister, go find The One. I am cursed with knowing all and wish to be released.” 
Arrophae said “I will find The One and help you, my sister.” 
Arrophae traveled to Semita in search of The One.

With Arrophae’s absence, balance was soon lost in the realms, and Aniyna used the loss of balance to gain more power. She traveled to the realms of mortals and began creating false gods to plague them. Fotia and Scyse did not know how to create such powerful beings, so they went into hiding and awaited Arrophae’s return.

After many years, Arrophae and The One returned.
Fotia and Sysce confronted the two and said,
“Help us, Aniyna has taken control of the realms of mortals and Mortem. We need help.”
The One then said,
“We must destroy these abominations and return balance to the realms.”

A war began that lasted many millennia. The One, Fotia, Sysce, and Arrophae worked together to destroy the powerful beings that Aniyna created but there were too many. The One then said,
“We must seal away Aniyna to keep this from continuing.”
A final battle ensued between Aniyna with her army, and The One with the Great Three. The battle ended with the defeat of Aniyna and her army, and Aniyna was captured. The One and The Great Three were victorious, but injured. The One healed them and said,
“After sealing Aniyna away, I will die.” He looked to Arrophae and said,
“I will pass my power to you, Arrophae, so you may keep upholding the balance.”
The One gave his power to Arrophae. The One then sealed away Aniyna into the realm of Knowledge, keeping her from traveling to other realms through Semita. The One then died.

Arrophae returned balance to the realms, but many of Aniyna’s creations survived the Great Balancing.

The Rise of the Mortals
 After the First Immolation, many of Fotia’s creations had been destroyed by Aninya’s forces. 

After recognizing this Fotia decided to replenish the life that had been lost in Lifona.
She created many different mortals and replenished life in Lifona over the next millennia.
During this time Fotia wanted to give mortals the ability to advance in knowledge. 

She blessed mortals with the Right of Knowledge.
 This blessing allowed mortals to harness power from Yuli, the realm of knowledge.

Fotia’s blessing advanced the mortals in the realm of life heavily.
 Advanced civilizations grew and prospered for many millennia.

This age of peace was called the first Chrysos by the mortals.

Aninyna, in Yuli, sensed that the mortals had been using Yuli to gain knowledge from the Right of Knowledge. This angered Aninya heavily, and so Aniyna created a cursed relic. She named the relic Exesa.

The curse caused some mortal races to worship false deities. Even abominations, originally created by Aninya during the first Immolation.

War broke out between those faithful to the First Three, and those who were not. Exesa sent the mortals into eternal war. In each world of Lifona, mortals were at war.  Exesa ended the first age of Chrysos and sent Lifona into a state of bloodshed and despair.