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Journal Entries of A Man in Sorrow - ShardianPreston - 09-04-2019

    As I sit here and scribble in this book, which I do not believe I deserve, I reminence over the events that have taken place. It has been a long road that has lead me here to the Snowglade in search for wood for my home in the badlands. To think, not too long ago, I had sat amongst friends and merrily ate food. How I had found love amongst those friends and would eventually find myself with child. I still can see my nations face as I explained that amongst my people, the male bore the child.

     However, the cheery mood of Mezil would soon change when we would discover a relic of the ancients. A relic that had great power that benefited our nation. That also drew unwanted attention. My nation swiftly found itself being overran by a cult who sought the relic for their "All-Mother". War quickly was declared as the sieges continued in defense of the relic until they finally obtained it.

     During such times, I would have a miscarriage and fall into a deep depression. My skin would turn gray and my tattoos would just become outlines. My ability to see the Soul would also soon vanish. My purpose amongst the world of Atlas would soon vanish... For if I can not take care of a child... What makes me believe I can bring rise to my people.

     So with my companion Desert, I would leave the Jungle to start anew in the badlands. A place with a lack of life except for the many demons that inhabit it. There I would sit in sorrow and contemplate the life I have led. I questioned if what the Soul said was true. Were the apothicons returning?

    Now, as I sit here amongst the wood, I can't help but think of my first love of this world. My dear Saphia, how I miss you. How I wish we did not grow apart. The love I felt for you was true. I promise, I will make you proud. You and our unborn child.

    So to those who ever find this journal, I say this to you. My rise is coming. To those of my nations past, I miss you dearly. However, I look forward to the friends I make along the way. Always know, I will do my best to do the right thing.

Live well and strong. Be merry and persevere.


Hey guys, its been a bit and I like continous continuity so here's a new start that still is connected to the old. I am gonna be doing lore again and if anyone is interested in collaborations let me know.