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Military Junta - tsun123 - 08-27-2019

Military Junta
                                                                                                                                                          292nd Day of Timberfall 437 ACE
Article I
Section A: The Council of Consuls has designated the announcement by the City State of Nauru as a declaration of war against the Atheran Federal Union and will act accordingly.
Section B: Pursuant to the intervention of the City State of Nauru the Atheran Federal Union has designated this equivalent to an overwhelming initial strike my hostile nations of Athera and consequently designate exceptional military action to safeguard the safety and security of the Atheran Federal Union.
Section C: The Council of Consuls hereby form the Military Junta with unlimited power over the Military and Foreign Policy of all states of the Atheran Federal Union for the period of 30 days to combat the overwhelming threat.
Article II
Section A: The Council of Consuls reserves the right by unanimous vote to overrule the Military Junta in cases of extreme emergency and must vote every 30 days to renew the mandate of the Military Junta.
Section B: The Military Junta is to be chaired by the Allmother Nollo and therefore the mandate of the Military Junta is allocated by divine decree and as such all orders issued by the Military Junta are to carry the full authority of a Holy Crusade.
Section C: Alongside Chairwoman Nollo, the Military Junta is to hereby be comprised of the following members: Orlanth, Spike, Winter and Rayward.
Article III
Section A: Pending the Emergency Powers Declaration the Military Junta has limitless powers to authorise any action it deems necessary for the security of the Atheran Federal Union.

Council of Consuls
Council of Consuls
Disclaimer: These articles issued by the Atheran Federal Union are not issued of ill faith nor of personal attack but for the security and continuance of the Federation.