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Foundation of the Union - tsun123 - 08-21-2019

The prophet hobbled out of the oaken doors of the assembly hall exhausted and more than a little irritated from the emergency council session which had lasted most the evening. He turned his head to high above, toward the heavens, mysteriously enveloped in an endless blanket of stars and began to ponder. Looking thoughtfully over to the ramparts and parapets of his wonderful refuge of Nauru, the prophet closed his eyes. He wondered just how much longer he could still be able to look upon such a prideful sight.

Clouds of midnight rolled in upon the horizon threatening to cover such celestial beauty and the wonders of the city they had created. Mother nature was bringing a storm of reckoning such as he had not seen in many a year. He knew just from the sight of those clouds the rain, tides and lightening would tear apart the trees and beautiful woodland surrounding his island city. He could only hope that the buildings and the people they sheltered would not share in such a fate. Such was the case in Nauru these days though, from one crisis to another just as the meeting had shown.
No longer was the attention of the council focused on the subterfuge of the Shen. The trouble, chaos and uncertainty which had formerly hung over the Prophet and all of Nauru since the incursion of the spy was blown aside like a small tuft of cloud on a cool summers breeze. Such a simple matter it seemed, by comparison, the threat of Nauru being dragged into the continent once again at war on its borders but as the Prophet looked out across the churning waters of the darkened bay he wished against all hope that this time they could do something to intervene.
This trouble was not the mists of uncertainty as had plagued his dreams in the past months. These had been replaced by the far more real clouds of war dwarfing all before them and threatening the plunge the entire continent into a new era of chaos. The three great powers on the continent were no longer enough for a new threat had risen to challenge them. In the north, a small grouping of unaffiliated towns had risen and this was the threat he feared most.
The Kingdom of Morvia, small in comparison to the great powers in the cycle of war had merged with the nation of Aureus. Thousands of miles apart these would not ordinarily be things that would concern him but as the meeting mere minutes ago pointed out they were now fearing for the continent itself.
A page ran up to the prophet bearing the latest intelligence scroll from the continent as he mulled over these fears. Upon reading the scroll he slumped against his staff and sent the boy through the gardens to find more elders so they could again discuss this development.
As he gazed once again around him at the blooming flowers beneath the moonlight and the cresting waves in the harbour below him. All around him he could not help but marvel at the beauty of the natural world, only to wonder how much longer it would last now that their worst fears had been confirmed. Aureus and Morvia had indeed merged along with another rising princedom from the frozen woodlands of the Ice Forest… Nordkälte or some such. It was worse than they had imagined in the hall as the council argued for hours on the mere rumour of this beforehand. The unofficial alliance and tenuous peace which had existed between these nations for cycles had become official. Official and deadly.
He turned then as the clouds above began to cover the starry heavens and the moon itself disappeared beneath the menacing form of the clouds above. Clouds of war he mused to himself with no small hint of irony. Fitting in a way since the time of peace had been irreversibly shattered. Striding once again to the Great Hall he sighed as the growing bustle of pages and officials overwhelmed him. Dignitaries from many towns and smaller nation states of the continent were running to try and understand the situation, outside a newly appointed official of the city was waving a lantern at passers-by shouting something about the end being upon us.
As the oaken doors opened once again he turned to the Dark Wizard, his companion now of many adventures and the elder most involved in the matters on the continent. Tyrriel looked him in the eye as the other elders shifted in their seats.
‘It has become much worse than we previously envisioned’ his old friend said with a rueful sigh as he looked towards the Prophet for reassurance.
‘Yes, I read that it was three nations now combined on the latest report from the page’, The Prophet sighed as he sat down in his chair at the head of the table looking around at the sullen expressions on the rest of the council.
‘Worse’, was the reply as his head whipped to Lord Beloc who somehow always seemed to know more than the others with his extensive economic operations on the continent.
‘They have claimed almost a third of the continent, three vast northern territories in addition to the Northern Drakon Isles and the Glacier’
Iyo, the somewhat younger elder sat beside Beloc kicked the table with frustration while muttering something about a damned Atheran Federal Union. The Prophet looked quizzingly over to Tyrriel who explained that was the new name of the combined nations.
‘It could still prove somewhat interesting since they seem to have no desire to be bound by the existing empires of the continent, we may yet see some action by them’ came the half hearted response from the other dark wizard in their company as he glanced across the table only half paying attention as he fiddled with the compass seen clearly in his hands.
The realisation that a huge power had emerged in the north laying claim to territories long since held by other empires and nation states was a frightening one for even the Prophet to comprehend. As he sat there struggling to think of a way to solve the turmoil it was evident on the faces of the other Elders that they themselves were attempting to think of other such solutions but to little avail.
Silently he crossed off options in his head, an economic intervention with the new funds Beloc had given them access to? That would never work, combined the new ‘Federation’ had more gems in their vaults than even Beloc had. Military might was as usual out of the question given that other fledgeling towns and nations would be unwilling and frankly unable to without the backing of the major empires. Would the empires themselves even step in despite this huge threat to their territory? The Vantians would, of course, be insulted by the taking of Yukrovia but the Federation had no quarrel with them nor would the Purelakers intervene with the Vantians once again on their doorstep.
Without any solutions of his own, he looked around the table hoping the others had more success. Iyo half-heartedly suggested disclosing more recipes for stronger alloys and ancient secrets of magic to help the newer nations on the continent put up some sort of resistance. An idea welcomed by others though not one which could change the situation overnight.
As they were preparing to adjourn once again, hopefully for the night, a Page ran into the room carrying the latest diplomatic missive issued from the new federation. Merely thinking of those nations now gave the Prophet a headache as they had upheaved the fragile peace across the continent. Another page at this hour could never be good news, but just how bad it was only became apparent once he started to read. As the page unfurled the notched corners of the scroll and yellowed parchment rolled down to the floor the words he read filled the entire room with dread.
The Atheran Federal Union Declares a Holy Crusade against the Kingdom of Laundronia and her allies