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First Crusade - tsun123 - 08-17-2019

First Crusade
                                                                                                                                                          87th Day of Evermoon 437 ACE
Article I

Section A: Pursuant to Consul Resolution 1, in the name of the All Mother the Council of Cousuls and the Atheran Federal Union declares war against the Kingdom of Laundronia for crimes committed against the State of Aureus and the State of Nordkälte.
Section B: For the capital crime of murder against two Consuls of the Atheran Federal Union, there shall be no abating of hostilities until the Kingdom of Laundronia negotiates terms of surrender.

Article II

Section A: The Atheran Federal Union seeks the war goal of Annexation of all territories, riches and players of the Kingdom of Laundronia to safeguard the Atheran Federal Union and the security of its member states.

Council of Consuls
Council of Consuls


RE: First Crusade - Orlanth - 08-17-2019

Ad Omne Nomen Matris

RE: First Crusade - Adara_ - 08-18-2019

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