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War Aid Declaration - eliot590 - 08-13-2019

War Aid Declaration
245th Day of Lakeshine, 437 ACE

The kingdom of Argentum(Hereafter, 'We') binds itself into a defensive alliance with Mezil in their war against the Nation of Morvia(hereafter, 'Morvia'). We do not recognize Morvian claims to any relics held within their biome, nor that declaring war against a neutral nation to enforce this ludicrous claim is defensive. Even the Yukrovian Charter, cited by Morvia as their reason for war, has no mention of unclaimed relics.

Conditions of War
  1. We will end all hostilities against Morvia after peace is made between their nation and Mezil; we are strictly defensive allies.
  2. We will not engage in offensive warfare unless Morvians attack our citizens outside of a siege battlefield. 

War Goals
    a. Morvia ends unwarranted hostilities against Mezil
    b. The Nation of Morvia amends its constitution to specify that relics held outside their town borders are not to be considered resources exclusive to them.
    c. We will not pursue damages for losses resulting from a siege of Mezil.

Eliot Eryn
Eliot, King of Argentum

RE: War Aid Declaration - Diggerdoge99 - 08-13-2019

Here Here

I approve this and state that I (not meridion, but I mean meridions only me :P) shall side with mezil in this argument.