Full Version: An Invitation
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A letter rests on your doorstep. A yellow wax seal stamped with a mythical beast holds the parchment closed. The smell of oak and birch sap seem to have seeped into the cream paper. You hesitantly lift the wax, and read the letter to yourself quietly.

Dear Resident of Atlas,

On the 65th day of Cryos, 419 ACE, The Cordial Chimera will be opening its doors for the first time. Join us for a free drink in celebration, and listen to the SOTS with us. We will be serving drinks half priced for the entirety of the event, and are offering private room bookings for no cost. We will have our own ceremony prior to the beginning of the event to open the first bottle of brew on the premises. Make sure to bring friends and gems.

To get to The Cordial Chimera, head to The Crossing, and cross the Northern bridge to the Iron Foothills. You should see a path, and after heading through the tunnel, head straight.

We hope to see you there!

Theodore “Ale”
[Image: CrestFIN.png]
I hope the nation is gonna drown in alcohol!