Full Version: Courier from the Kingdom of Winterheim, Capital of the Northern Pact
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[Image: Kingdom_of_Winterheim.png]
-The courier takes his leave from the snow covered lands of Winterheim, making way to each surrounding village. Though tired and hungry, his continues his journey, ensuring to cover all of Athera. To each town he unseals the wax beaded parchment, the seal of Winterheim clearly noted on the bead. He would then clear his throat and begin to speak.-

"Hear ye! Hear ye! The Kingdom of Winterheim hereby calls for all those whom would seek refuge within the North, for peace and safety from any hostile entity, I am to hereby invite them to make haste, for they have a warm fire to sit by, and food to indulge. Jobs are available, as many would hope. There are many gems to be made. Our great council gives their word, that you shall be met with great honor and dignity. One for Winterheim, and Winterheim for all. "

Damin Cyrod, High King of Winterheim, Warden of the North, and First of his Name.