Full Version: Secrets of Atlas: New Swabia
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75th day of Lakeshine
418 ACE

The revolutionary nation of New Swabia is recruiting, and it wants YOU!

This exciting new nation sprung up very quickly, and within two weeks it has grown into a mountain fortress of great strength.This astonishing feat was due to our unique and incredible members, which strove to make this nation what it is today. New Swabia is very close to the port fortress of Yukrovia for easy access to the grand exchange auction house.

We need intelligent, hard working and creative people to join New Swabia. Help us become everything we can be! Once you join our nation, you can build, create and contribute to your hearts content! 

You have no idea what you will miss out on if you don't join the thriving nation of New Swabia!

Check out our gallery for a quick understand of what our nation entails

There are many secrets to unlock in the northern regions of Yukrovian highlands.
Hope to see you soon, traveller!