First Battle of Jagged Cow
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The First Battle of Jagged Cay (29-30 March 2017), also known as the "Jagged Cow Theatre" , was a nuisance wildlife management military operation undertaken in Jagged Cay by the Armed Forces of the Revenants Socialist Society Republics. It was part of an international crusade for cow population reduction by the Revenants government to eliminate both civilian and "military" cows on the island of Jagged Cay.
First Battle of Jagged Cow
[Image: 310?cb=20170330215605]
A Cow from the 1st Cow Cattle Company before Battle

March 29-30 2017
Jagged Cay


RSSR Armed Forces | Cow Occupation Force

Commanders and leaders

Field Marshall Shocker6142 | Cow Lord Bessie


1 Player | 5,504 Military Cows

Casualties and losses

No Deaths | 305 Cows

Previously Cattle had been irritateing the Revenants government with the alarming amount of Methane release to the atmosphere, this is had caused serious air pollution and global warming issues to virtually all player-runned nations. Revenants Crop production was irritatingly slower then it had been previous years, and thus a scientific study found that methane concentrations in the area in the middle of Evernoon was affected by a local population of Cows from the Plains of An'sheVantis Desert and Mooshrooms from The Grey Isles. As of a result, the Revenants government sent the Armed Forces of the Revenants Socialist Society Republic to go eliminate the cattle. After the Skirmish of Cow An'gee ka'vay, The media officially declared the start of "The Great Cow War".
RSSK Plans
Operation Jagd Cow
Field Marshall Shocker6142's plan was to disguise as a regular miner and when the cows were not looking, remove each cow company stationed on the island. His plan was to push the Cow Occupation Force starting from the port and encircle the island by slaying each cow company surrounding the island beaches. From there, he would push into the volcanic stronghold and destroy COF Headquarters, Food supply was not considered as eating cow meat would be the option if bread ran out.
Cow Occupation Force Plans
The COF forces did not have a plan, nor did they care to do much to stop the invasion. Although COF Headquarters on Jagged Cay planned that it was best to confuse their enemy by not having any defensive plan, thus COF forces attempt to force RSSK headquarters to have no intelligence and be confused of the various locations of cow companies. COF Forces had numerical superiority, and with this knowledge in mind it would try to demoralize the attackers to discontinue their Jagged Cay campaign. This plan worked successfully for the First Battle.
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