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Thread Contributor: _Desertdweller_Custom Music
I was thinking of something similar to the Artmap pugin (I believe that is what it is called), where you can draw your own art, but with music. 

Now, I know this may be a bit complicated to code, however my idea is to have some sort of system where you can add in notes into some kind of gui. Once you have finished with your piece, you can publish it as a record. Then, when you place this record into a jukebox, it plays your song. The hardest part of this that I can think of, is figuring out how the interface would work. I don't know if you could just have some kind of chest interface, where you can change the type of notes, then drag them into an order, or perhaps you would do something else?

Anyways, just another idea that I wanted to bring up for those of us who might like to compose our own music!

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I believe something like this may be possible through some nice coding. But it could be too much effort for too little reward atm. I'll keep it in mind but this may be worth suggestion further down the road once things are no longer in the beta stage.
Isn't it possible to do music through a server resource pack?
(04-05-2017, 03:04 PM)DeroTurtle Wrote: Isn't it possible to do music through a server resource pack?

I meant making custom music within the game itself. Such as using making the notes and such yourself. Imaging the artmap plugin, but for music.

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sounds really interesting! I would love to delve into that except idk how to code. :(
We need Falksi back to make custom music!