Poll: Which feature do you want most?
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World Regeneration
10 25.00%
Town Levels
4 10.00%
Smeltery Weapons
10 25.00%
Oath Magic
5 12.50%
Imbuing Magic
2 5.00%
9 22.50%
Total 40 vote(s) 100%
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Thread Contributor: AjaxanWhat Features Do You Want?
Help me prioritize the features you want to see most on the server first! I've made a poll to allow players to vote on exactly what they want to see first. I won't use this as a sole reference on the order, but depending on what people seem to prefer I can certainly work on adding things in a different order. Below I've posted more in-depth descriptions of each feature to help make more well-informed decisions. also, please post if you need further clarification or want to suggest additions to any feature.

Also, remember that these are all specifically my possible projects. Things like quests and lore events are mainly handled by Iyo, while things like town improvements (with the exception of town levels) is handled by Macus and Mars.

World Regeneration:
  • Time: Long
  • Description: All natural blocks not inside towns will regenerate. The one exception will be near beds. Beds will be used by Wanderers to protect a small 20x20x20 cube area around the bed. Natural blocks include Logs, Leaves, Dirt, Grass, Gravel, and Sand. (suggests more)
Town Levels:
  • Time: Short-Long
  • Description: Simply implementing town levels will be quick as the code is nearly almost finished. Adding perks for levels, however, can time a huge amount of time. Town levels will be gained from doing just about anything from cutting wood to killing mobs. Each town has individual skills and overall levels as well. These levels can technically go infinitely high as of now.
Smeltery Weapons:
  • Time: Medium 
  • Description: This would allow all the metals y'all learned to make able to be crafted into weapons. They'd all have related, but slightly different abilities to their armor counterparts.
Magic Oaths:
  • Time: Long
  • Description: This will allow for players to take "oaths" that bind them into new magics and restrict old ones. This can give rise to many new fantastic spell and abilities. Things like druids with nature magic and necromancers with the power to summon the dead.
Magic Imbuing:
  • Time: Medium
  • Description: This will give players the ability to enchant "wands/staffs" with the ability to cast predetermined spells. In a sense, this would allow players to "sell their magic" in the shape of wands and staffs. Any existing spell could be imbued on the proper wand/staff.
  • Time: Short
  • Description: This one is a little up in the air. Depending on some variables out of my control this will either be super easy or take far too long to worry about until after Beta. I'm happy to look into it though if players really really want dungeons. Also, the contents of a dungeon would be fairly straight forward and not too insanely hard. To get rewards, you'd have to take a quest at the beginning of the dungeon and upon reaching the end you'd be teleported out and given a reward. (Probably a pretty cool one too).