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::: Official Update Thread :::

This will be the official update thread for the server from now on. I'll post links to when updates happen on the announcements channel in discord, but I will no longer list out changes there. I'm not going to list past changes here so the changes I made tonight will be the first updates to this thread. I'll allow people to respond to this thread whenever as well, so respond if you like the changes or want clarification! If you want to make a suggestion, however, go to the suggestions forums.

29th of Timberfall, 415 ACE

Smeltery Updates and Fixes:
  • Removed forge eating buckets when you had more than one in a stack.
  • Prevented Molten Metal from pouring out of buckets like lava.
  • Fixed partial ingots for Bronze and various other recipes.
Added Purgatory:
  • Purgatory is our alternate ban system. Instead of banning bad players they get banished to purgatory. Purgatory is a world where players must mine upwards of 1000 blocks of cobblestone with nothing but a wooden pick to make up for their wrongdoings. 
  • We decided to use this system over banning to prevent the need to "ask to be unbanned." Instead, a player can prove they want a second chance by working hard to get unbanned.
  • Players in purgatory can't use any commands, can't see or post in chat, and are completely trapped until they have paid off their cobblestone debt.
Magic Spell Changes:
  • Alternate Earth Spell is no longer "levitation". Sorry guys this was just too powerful
  • Life Spells have  some new effects
  • Death Spell have some new effects
  • I won't tell you what they are, go found out yourself!
Various Other Updates:
  • Villagers will no longer trade with you.
  • Enderpearls can no longer be thrown.
  • Fish can be stacked now.
  • Animals spawn 50% more often.
  • Those new mobs now drop experience.
why cant enderpearls be used anymore?
We feel they are too OP in battle. They allow you to run in with no consequence and just teleport out. Now, without them, players can "defend each other" and jumping into battle without thinking can be punished.

105th of Lakeshine, 416 ACE

Smeltery Updates and Fixes:
  • Fixed the interesting "Air in furnace" bug.
  • Added the ability for Admins to check furnace contents using bedrock.
  • Expect more alloys in the near future
New Commands:
  • /find <player> - Find general information on any player. Learn things such as what Nation they are in and what towns they have. Also, see possible alts and the last time they were online.
  • /suicide - Kill yourself in case you are trapped somewhere.
  • /link - Links the item in your main hand to public chat so players can share items they are proud of.
Changes to Commands:
  • /help - New Commands section for info on general commands.
  • /r  - Now works properly

Various Other Updates:
  • Fixed World Border bug