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It has been many years since the Obelisk crisis and the founding of Nauru. Kingdoms and Empires that have fallen are now back on the rise and desire to reclaim their ancient homelands of old. In the north Aureus and Victoria and in the south Asaria and Noctia are struggling for control of their sides of Atlas. Religion has become of no importance to the newcomers from Minecraftia and is tearing Atlas apart. Fortunately the teachings of Kairos and the Tainted Mother have endured all these turbulent years and have made their way into present day Atlas.

Things are changing on Atlas and are ruining the cultures of the Atlian natives. Something needs to be done or they will slowly fade into history while nations fight both militarily and economically for control of Atlas. Fortunately a newly founded nation named Noctia has just survived a brutal war with the Kingdom of Blothera and have made peace with them. The Kingdom of Noctia can now target to more important affairs regarding development of their nation. Merfrid, Rex of Noctia meaning King in their tongue plans to bring peace to Southern Athera being the most unstable region on Atlas at this time. Spending most of his time with the Shen when they had previously traded with Qi'Shen; Merfrid had been taught Shen magic and secrets of their school. He had also learned to understand their teachings of peace, knowledge, and understanding of ancient Atlas.

Noctia has now moved elsewhere but remains in the main sphere of influence of the teachings of the Tainted Mother. In order to bring peace and prosperity Arch-Mage Merfrid plans to build a point of convergence for followers of the Tainted Mother. Rather than naming it "Teachings of the Tainted Mother" Merfrid has created "Vaterism" a religion that teaches of old Atlas and Minecraftia for all nations from afar. He invites anyone with open arms as leader of this new religion to come and visit Noctia and learn the ways of the Shen.

Laws of Vaterism
1. You shall not harm a player/nation unless provoked than proceed to defend yourself and your people.
2. If another religion/nation/player threatens a place of worship or importance defend it at all costs.

Arch-Mage, Merfrid of Vaterism