(Updated) Aureus is now accepting members! Come join the golden empire today!
The Nation of Aureus
Hello everyone! My name is Alli. I am one of the lords of Aureus and am here to offer an invite to anyone who is willing to join our nation. Please read the full forum post and fill out the document if you wish to join. 

We are a nation that has existed since the start of Atlas. With over 20 members, the strongest military, and the strongest economy on the server we are truly a force to be reckoned with. With over 5 war victories under our belt you can rest assured you will be safe within out territory (of the entire Timberlands biome)

Although Aureus is very secretive about it's actions to outside nations, we are always looking for new members. As many people have not seemed to notice yet, working together is the best way to succeed on atlas. Therefore we extend an invite to (almost) anyone who is willing to join! We accept all types of players. Whether you wish to be a adventurer, warrior, miner, farmer, or builder, we will accept you nonetheless. 

Please read these documents for a better understanding of Aureus and fill out this survey if you wish to join.
Activity policy
Promotion policy
Laws of Aureus
(these are not all the things you should know about Aureus. There is more things that lay out the nation inside the discord.)

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