Thread Contributor: MerfridAn Apology to Atlas
Hello players of Atlas, it seems I owe a large apology to all of you. Ever since I’ve joined my first nation on Atlas I have made many foolish decisions including trying to build of off Aureus. After joining a few nations I eventuated in founding my very own being Noctia. My nation did very well for some time until I decided to aid in the siege of New Derby. Blothera then proceeded to attack us which evolved into this aggressive conflict. All that has happened has been wrongly executed in my part. Having years of successful experiences with leading and administering nations means nothing when you say foolish things to other players/nations. Everything that has come to pass is due to my actions and I am again very sorry for what I’ve done. My nation has worked very hard in helping build our nation. Although I organized and coordinated our projects it would have never been done without my good friend Roblem and Kingr. Noctia would not be here if it wasn’t for them. I have not done enough to recognize their great work in my nation and hope that they get some from this thread. Words cannot describe how regretful I am to have done all of this to such a wonderful community. Although some of you may still despise me after all this I’m hoping you will forgive me. Nobody on Atlas is responsible for any of this save me and I will do what I can to improve myself.

Sincerely, Rex of Noctia
BEST PROFILE PIC EVER! (good message also)