Thread Contributor: MerfridIgnarius of Zarakam
Many years after the fall of the Shen Empire mercenaries and cutthroats begun to swarm the southern isles of Atlas. This migrations point of convergence was situated on the north-eastern coast of Zarakam Island. One particular migrant named Ignarius who had served as the bodyguard of the Shen Emperor had just arrived at Zarakam as well. There were not any settlements established in Zarakam save Dead Man's Cove; the economic powerhouse of the southern isles. Being that the Shen Empire could no longer support neighboring regions Zarakam had taken it's place. Ignarius needed to find work as his old job that had paid him good money was no more.
Dead Man's Cove was no ordinary bustling trade city but a hub for Atheran criminals. At this time in Atlas there were no significant powers able to control this troublesome city. The settlement had no form of government but run by the most feared pirate in Atlas named Aldorgrin He was currently looking for skilled fighters to join his crew with the promise of loot and glory. Ignarius had found no luck with other jobs so he figured this was his best option. Conspicuously there was complete archery in the southern hemisphere of Atlas meaning he felt safe doing this. Although Ignarius was aflame with excitement to apply for a job he did miss the splendid days as bodyguard of the Shen emperor. The following day he paid a visit to Aldorgrin and asked for an application. Aldorgrin stated that he needed crew members badly and applying wouldn’t be necessary.
After talking for a while longer they ate lunch and discussed their tales and experiences. They then exited the dining hall and made their way to the harbor to meet up with the crew. Ignarius and Aldorgrin headed into the boat named “The Vantian Scourge” as they loathed the Vantians for ending the Shen Empire. Their first destination was Port Qi'Shen to pick up some crates of contraband items to deliver to Beswin in the Redfire Mesa. One night Captain Aldorgrin spoke to Ignarius and his crew of a legendary power held in The Ancient Glade. It is said the Glade possesses hidden technologies that can be used for things both great and evil. For centuries it has been hidden from the wrong hands by a Mystic Order from the Shen Empire. The secrets now lay unguarded for anybody to discover without the Shen Empire in power any longer.
Suddenly a wave knocked the boat off course from Port Qi'Shen and Ignarius spotted something very strange in the ocean.
To be continued…