Thread Contributor: burriThe Isles Alliance, 299th day of Cryos 418 ACE
The Isles Alliance
299th day of Cryos 418 ACE

Section 1, Purpose

1) This document finalizes the alliance between The Kingdom of Blothera and Circle Line, in order to protect the interests of nations within The Windswept Isles and The Grey Isles.

2) All member nations can choose to leave the alliance at any time.

3) The alliance and this document can be amended at any time, with leadership approval from all member nations.

4) With leadership approval from all member nations., other nations whose capital is within The Windswept Isles or The Grey Isles can possibly join our alliance. If so, amendments will be made to this document.

Section 2, Agreements

1) This alliance encourages trade between member nations.

2) All member nations must come to each others aid during times of war.

3) All member nations will agree to share technology when needed.

4) An embassy must be constructed in all member nations.
I do hope that Blothera has left it's malicious ways behind. If this is true possibly Noctia can make peace with Blothera. My nation and I do not hate Blothera nor do we wish to fight. I'd still like you to consider forming a peace treaty with no reparations. If this comes to pass we may rebuild our national and bring prosperity back to our nations. Noctia previously had the biggest sugarcane export on Atlas before the raids from Blothera including other crops. If Blothera is willing to negotiate a non-repirated peace treaty between our nations. My nation and I would be more than glad to trade with Blothera.

Sincerely, Rex of Noctia