Thread Contributor: olha2Forest Spiders change player position
Bug Description:
So forest spiders have the ability to trap a player in their web, and while this is cool and works fine in the open flat world, it has some issues in other locations. I will give a couple of examples in which this ability is a problem.   

I. If you are in a narrow space, let's say a 1x2 tunnel, and a forest spider uses this ability on you, it is very likely that you will be displaced into the stone causing the player suffocation damage.  
II. if the player is next to a cliff and the spiders use this ability on the player the player might be displaced into the air causing the player to fall to his potential death.
III. though point I. mentions a 1x2 tunnel, they spider can very much just put you into a wall standing in front of you or at your side regardless if the other space around you is free or not.

Bug Priority:
Medium (Hard to judge seeing as I don't know what other problem u people are facing)

Time of Bug: 
Unrelevent, this happens any time this mob uses his spider web ability. 

Place of Bug:
Anywhere where one would encounter forest spiders and they above mentioned conditions are in place.

What You Were Doing:
not relevant 

What You Were Attempting to Do:
not relevant 

Who was Involved: 
Generic Hostile NPC mob named 'forest spider'

Extra Info:
Even if the player is caught in the web which displays the player to be in the middle of a block, a next of one these attack can move the player into another position.  

Also, Forest spiders can use this ability regardless of the spider being ~25 blocks below and the player out of sight. The player will we be caught in the web.  
You can contact me in game. The town of Spectros where I spend most of my time has a lot of these spiders so I can show you some of the issues if it's desired.