Thread Contributor: KillerPikeAliens are ruining this server
As a concerned, homosapien being, born in Arabistan, on planet Earth, I’ve become increasingly concerned about the conduct of the conduct of the alien minority on this server. They constantly make distracting and annoying “inhuman” remarks, which they call “gorblorb”, which are really just their bad auditions to be Mark Zuckerberg, which are designed to discredit the writings of Ajaxan the prophet, the earthling way of life, and the administration of this server. Most of it is arguably just bullying.

You must understand that they were deported here to this Ajaxan-forsaken world for good reason. They are a threat and insult to common decency, they don’t even wear clothes, and whoever’s idea it was to give them internet access is going to get killed by an Emu. Fortunately, the FCC has removed net neutrality laws on the aliens, which, so far, had been the only thing that seems to stand in the way of them causing even more disruption and offense.

In case I’ve not made my point clearer, they are ruining this server. Something has to be done.

My recommendation is that you ban the entire IP range aliens use to Atlas, and also advise Trump to build a wall around Earth instead (Trump 2020). It’s not the Mexicans who are the real problem, but the Aliens. Ajaxan be praised.

Yours and Ajaxan, an honest earthling.
I’ve made more alcohol on a video game than some breweries. Yes, I am happy with my choices.