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Since Vehlir made some suggestions, might as well write down some suggestions as well! Keep in mind that there were a few ideas in mind that I have told the dev team before, but I still want to bring the ideas here because why not? I want to see if any others have ideas similar to Vehlir's and the sort, especially with the aspect of discovery. If you believe we can change or anything to it, feel free to critique it.


I have discussed this with a few before, but cross-pollination is a system where one transfers pollen to another flower and this gives a probability of gaining hybrid species. If we ever have a chance of gaining custom foods or alchemy, these can lead to a whole variation of uses other than gardening. New types of flowers can be discovered, even new foods like oranges, apples, berries, etc. They can be used as new types of food, ingredients for brewing, alchemy, gardening, etc. This can also lead to a new role of importance known as the Gardener. 

I don't believe there are any ideas for cross-pollination structures, but I would recommend maybe a structure similar to this:

[Image: DTP22.jpg]

With the whole dirt block covered in trapdoors. One can have an intact whole flower in one's hand, and right click a flower placed in the structure. The process might even take awhile because of the pollination time, but after a time is done, you can right click the flower you pollinated and get a set amount of custom flowers that resulted from a set combination of pollinated flowers.


I want a process that can also give us a job that can be unique and profitable for people who are artists or graphic artists. I know the plugin of Artmap is outdated or the sort, but I really love the concept of the plugin. The ability to make art unique to your own system and takes lots of time for the artist to create, while also being an interesting way to make decorations, posters, building decor, etc. The fun thing is is that we can make final pieces of the art similar to books and how they get copied. Let the artist be able to make a copy of a copy that won't be able to be copied, and that way artists find a way to sell products without getting their art messed with by others.

The system will be similar to this:

[Image: easel1.png]

Active NPC Guards

Active NPC Guards might be one solution to the whole 'dangerous mobs get in the npc towns' problem, although I know there are other ways that might prevent that, I find this an interesting idea to say the least. When a hostile mob that isn't a player enters a certain boundary around the npc towns, the guards at the entrances will begin to move and seek the mob, and have the ability to completely annihilate the mob if one is able to modify the guards' stats. There might be mishaps if the plugin for the NPCs backfire and attack players who hit them, but I believe there's a way to fix that.
Hey Bork!

I especially like the painting, that's a pretty sweet idea! Can imagine player built museums and art galleries popping up with that! Anything that adds additional character & expression to the game world is a +1 for me.

Active Guards as well is pretty interesting. Atm with the Pet's plugin, you can set a Pet's Behavior to "Farm" mode, where it will attack any NPC Mob when it get's within a certain distance. Granted I'm pretty ignorant to coding and what would work, but perhaps it wouldn't be too hard to use that same formula? Maybe even with customizable settings as so you can specify block ranges.

Also imagine if you could set a custom path, like a custom patrol route for those guards. Or also how cool would it be if you could add custom dialogue to these guards as well! Like you could ask them directions like the guards in Nauru!

Although I imagine those things are probably a perfect example of easy to say, but difficult to code.

Really cool ideas Bork!
Love the ideas from both of you guys! Very creative, and hope this gets implemented in the future!