War Declaration against the Kingdom of Blotheria, 419 ACE
War Declaration against the Kingdom of Blothera
Organized by Damin Cyrod, High King of Winterheim on the 6th day of Cryos 419 ACE

This document hereby, calls to arms the citizens and soldiers of the Kingdom of Winterheim against the Kingdom of Blothera. The tyrannical leader of Blothera, Burri, has been found guilty on multiple accounts of murder of the nationless innocents. Burri is also found guilty of sieging an aligned Nation of the Northern Pact, The Lost Empire. Winterheim nor its people will stand for such a tyranny to exist, and shall push forward to purge any such evil from the land of Athera. This docmument dictates that should the Kingdom of Blothera not surrender, they will be left with nothing but a dirt hovel to crawl to.

 Damin Cyrod

High King of Winterheim, Warden of the North, and first of his name
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