Thread Contributor: EpikNyanTheories on Spire Sickness and "The Arrival"
It appears that Iyo is beginning to release some information on the details of what has happened to the Aurulian leaders after the obelisk has transported them to Athera. From what I can see, it seems as though we know now that Iyo has contracted a form of Spire Sickness. Perhaps it could be that with his immense connection and sentiment to the Shadknife, he was blessed by the sickness and is able to use the weapon as a medium to drain the life energy from his foes and heal himself. Though, there's a sort of drawback; I believe that the sickness has also affected Iyo in such a way to cause him to obtain a form of insanity or schizophrenia. With such a powerful bond between Iyo and the Shadknife, the sickness causes Iyo to view the blade as sentient and have the ability to converse with him inside of his mind. I find this very interesting and look forward to finding out what the other leaders of Auru have had happen to them after being transported with the obelisk. (and what the hell came out of Tee?)

Considering General Xov's blood essence having a connection with chaos, it may be that his form of the sickness is to have a connection with chaos? Will he be scared of it, or try to learn from it? I find this very interesting.

Through these symptoms if Spire Sickness, did the Naurulians revere them as the saviors of Nauru and elect them as the Elders? Hopefully the Naurulians don't find out about the drawbacks that the sickness can have and the effects it has had on the Elders...
*note: if you agree/disagree or have other theories, please discuss them in the reply section :D*
General Xovious and Asymphir are two separate characters lore wise FYI. Asymphir started the Asarian Empire.
Fixed, I guess I hadn't thought of that for a minute.