Thread Contributor: IyoforeayoA Letter to the Council of Telaria, 419 ACE
376th day of Timberfall
419 ACE

To the Honorable Council of Telaria,

It is with the utmost desperation that I once again write to request reinforcements to aid in the defense of the Wraithhold, and ultimately the defense of all the Western Lands of Athera. While we Devshirites have devoted our lives and our people to righting the wrongs of our ancestors, we cannot go it alone much longer. The Wraithwood claims many lives, and as of late, our numbers have begun to dwindle at a rate we have not seen since the days beyond the Fall of Devshire.

I fear the people here have begun to lose hope in the support of their Purelaker brethren. My soldiers hear murmurs throughout the fortress - whispers of Telaria’s abandonment of the West, of the impending fate of our people when the Rift overwhelms us and swallows us whole. Rest assured, if this fate comes to pass, it will not be confined to the West. The horrors of the Rift will go forth into the lands of Atlas, until there is nothing left of our world. 

I implore the Council to reconsider its priorities in these matters. While we Devshirites have proudly shouldered this burden for generations, we are all of us Purelakers at heart, borne unto this world by the grace of Kairos. Together, it is our charge to protect it.

Brothers and sisters, I have seen into the Void. I promise you, if this overtakes us… Atlas stands no chance.


Allister Venkman
Commander of the 171st Wraithguard