Thread Contributor: KillerPikeThe Future of the Brethren
Several Years Later 

Walking past the farms, around the lake, and through the forest, he knew this was the right choice. He’d have died years ago in Pikestag, but the lake rejuvenated him, and he’d even been able to help build the tavern.

It was a beautiful tavern, but it wasn’t designed by him or by Ale, it had been designed by the girl, Dark, and they often joked she basically built it herself. If she hadn’t been aro

The farms were nearly ready, and with this harvest of wheat, they would fill the barrels. It was a good feeling. Since they got just a barrel up, he and Ale had spent hours, him teaching Ale everything he knew, and Ale learning like only he could.

He was a fine boy, and he knew Ale would become as good a brewer as himself someday. No, he’d be better. It was only a matter of time until the student surpasses the master.

Ale still had much to learn though. He coughed, and with the pain it entailed, he knew he had to teach fast.
I’ve made more alcohol on a video game than some breweries. Yes, I am happy with my choices.