Thread Contributor: KillerPikeBrethren Backstory- Part 1
Several Years Ago

It was the salmon running season, a time of celebration in Impulsreich, as dozens of people headed out to the rivers in search of the beautiful fish. But the chancellor and I had our own plans. We knew of a secret lake in the southern part of the empire, where the salmon run into the lake, and you can catch salmon after salmon, as well as the other fish in the lake.

The trip had began like so many before it, just the chancellor and I traversing the countryside, fishing poles on our shoulders, wondering how we’d do this year.

Every year we seemed to do better, and this year would prove to be no exception, but in a way we never expected.

We were in high spirits along our journey, joking and talking about previous trips.

“If you do like you did last year,” the chancellor said with a laugh, “We’ll have to start calling you minnow instead of Pike.”

“Well,” I replied, laughing myself, “That’s a lot better than dead bush.”

“If that bush it still there,” the chancellor said, the memories returning to him, “I’m cutting it down and burning it,”

“Wise decision,” I agreed, still chuckling

We arrived at the lake around midday, and before long we already had three fine fish for our dinner.

We went into the woods to collect firewood, and I had a nice bundle, then I saw something in the distance. It seemed to be an animal, hung up by a hunter. I drew closer, and it revealed itself to be a woman. I wouldn’t have thought much of this sad loss of life, but at the base of the tree where she had hung herself, there was a baby in a basket, with a note attached.

If anyone finds this child before he perishes, please give him a better life than I could

My own past flashed through my mind, how I’d been wandering near this same lake when the soliders had found me, and how I’d caught the largest pike anyone had ever seen while they were talking, earning me my name.

I picked up the baby and carried him back to our small camp, where the chancellor was already cooking our dinner. He was quite surprised to see me come back from the woods with a baby.

“Where’d you find that?” the chancellor asked

I explained what I had seen, and after telling my story, we then tried to figure out how to deal with the baby.

“It’s a two days hike to the nearest town,” I stated, “By then, the salmon run will be nearly over.”

We wanted the best for the child, but we also wanted our fish. We were younger then, if this situation arose now I’d have have a completely different choice, but we chose to stay at the lake and take care of the child as well as we could.

We decided to call the child ‘Tree’, after how I found him, but, although we didn’t let him drink them, he showed much interest in the beer we brought with us, so we nicknamed him ‘Ale’.

When we returned to Pikestag, I brought the child into my home, and he became my own. As he grew older, he kept his same interest in alcohol, and from a young age, he helped me with my work. In him I saw a natural skill I had seen in nobody since my own youth, and I knew he needed teaching in a larger place, beyond what I could provide at my small brewery.

I was looking for a place to send him when two brewing friends of mine came down from Winterheim. They saw the skill of the boy, and asked my permission to take him with them, to learn at the hands of the great northern brewers.

Although it pained me to see Ale leave, I knew this would be a better life for him, he would nurture his skill, and someday his skill could challenge mine.
I’ve made more alcohol on a video game than some breweries. Yes, I am happy with my choices.