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Kingdom of Noctia 

After many years of playing Minecraft and gaining tons of experience regarding things as leadership, building, pvp, etc. I have decided to create my own nation. In all my time playing Minecraft I have served great kings, emperors, lords. Every nation that I joined gave to me an amazing experience. None of them were the nation I've always wanted to be apart of. The nation I kept picturing in my head never came across me. After jumping across countless servers, clans, nations I decided it was time that I created my own nation.

[Image: uEOCpo8.png]

There are various trades available for players to learn or have prior experience with. 

[Image: pJBfYcP.png]

How To Join
Write a brief summary regarding why you believe you would be a good addition to Noctia. Mention your desired trade and if you have any prior experience with it. I'd also like to mention that if you are skilled in 1.9+ pvp; there might be a place for you in our future military. Post your summary in the comments so reading it will take less time and you will be accepted faster. Once I have read your summary you will be sent a PM giving you details for our Discord channel. 

Thank you for reading!