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*DaFyish needs to think, he steps outside the quaint structure he and his fellow townsmen have lived in since the founding of his home. As he looks around, DaFyish takes his time pondering what he could do to change the image of the town he once thought could really stand for something. So, DaFyish decides his voice should finally be heard.

I and the leaders of Winterheim have agreed that it is time for reconciliation. With the farewell of a dear friend and with recent events looming over our heads, we have decided that an era of change is upon us. I personally would like to apologize to and share the blame with DidderDeeDoo for the actions against Akrai. I, personally, was the one to attack Masouri and want to show empathy towards someone who should be protected as a resident of the North. I would like to apologize for not only for creating unnecessary conflict and attacking Masouri unprovoked, I deeply am sorry for not expressing my resolve to mend any broken bonds between our two nations. I am honestly not sure if these mends can be made between our nations. Despite any previous prejudice, I promise that you can count on Winterheim and myself to anything that will help the relationship between our nations.

Going into the future, Winterheim will be making a few changes regarding foreign policy. Our first action will be to repeal The Winterheim Sovereignty Claim. The original idea for Winterheim was to be a town that united the north, we wanted to take the Ice Forests and make them a place where anyone could live in peace. The town over time became affiliated with some larger powers on the server, the attention gave us a sense of importance and idea of false power. We, at this point, decided to create The Claim. We now look back on The Winterheim Sovereignty Claim as a hope of having dominance over the great land that is the Ice Forest. I do honestly believe that we did not have any negative intentions towards other nations. We were just blinded by the prospect of protecting everyone who lives within our community. I would like to state that in taking down The Winterheim Sovereignty Claim we are not trying to erase the memories of The Claim. We just wish to start anew, we would like to create a new anthem that everyone can shout at the tops of their lungs. 

The Winterheim Loyalty Statement is a promise to every nation that stands beside us. We vow to assist any nation who resides in the Ice Forest. In times of need, people need a helping hand. We will provide that helping hand when it is needed, but only when it is accepted. Any nation who doesn't want our help doesn't have to have it. They on no occasion will be penalized for denying us. Winterheim from its origins wanted to be the nation to unite the north. Our Loyalty Statement is Winterheims way of not only repairing the damage done by The Winterheim Sovereignty claim and our own misjudgments. This Statement is written with ink flowing from the original dream of Winterheim. We will always strive for the Peace and Prosperity of the North.


The Winterheim Loyalty Statement

We The Nation Of Winterheim
Vow To Uphold The Image Of The North
Vow To Protect Its Inhabitants
Vow To Keep The Peace
Vow To Help Those In Need
We As The Nation Of Winterheim

This Statement is made by the Council of Winterheim,
It will be upheld completely by the Nation of Winterheim,
And will call to action all peoples within the Nation.

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