Thread Contributor: DaminCyrodA message from the King of Winterheim
I speak today to spread a message of peace, not war, to the nations who are now questioning The Kingdom of Winterheim. I understand that I cannot ask you to trust us after the unforgivable events that took place yesterday, but I do wish that you would all consider giving us a second chance. The events that took place yesterday were orchestrated by Didder Derothe, a Jarl of Winterheim. However, The Kingdom of Winterheim takes partial responsibility of his actions and is now attempting to negotiate an official treaty with surrounding nations. To answer your next question; yes, Didder has been punished accordingly and future foreign engagements will be monitored by me until I gain my trust in him again. Didder Derothe did not do this out of hate for Akrai, he was truly blind to our mission in The Ice Forest.

Following that, I will repeat myself when I say that we’re not going to revoke our claim of the Ice Forest. We plan to peacefully populate the entire region and will not be able to do that with neighboring nations causing conflict each time we expand. I will discuss with my Council what possible alternatives we could provide other Atherians who wish to build a community in The Ice Forest.

Damin Cyrod, High King of Winterheim