Thread Contributor: masouriAkrai's Appeal to the known world
A bunch of refugees fleeing from a war that has devestated their homelands. A bunch of refugees that wanted to escape from the burden of war. A bunch of refugees whose posessions have been taken and their family members massacred. We have come to escape the Wars of South by fleeing to the North, and instead of being greeted with gifts and new lands. We are greeted with the cold clash of swords and dead corpses decorating our town. 

Today, Akrai has been attacked the day they have settled by the Kingdom of Winterheim who has claimed the Ice Forest to themselves. We, the people of Akrai, have not instigated a single thing with this Kingdom. We simply wanted to remain neutral and a peaceful state in the beautiful lands of the Ice Forest. The Kingdom of Winterheim has no honor, and has slaughtered me at the end of the peace negotiations merely because I want to keep my independence. I want to keep the town I built. I want to keep the lands I own. Winterheim does not come to negotiate, they come to slaughter innocents! I hope all of you reading this can hear my call, this is our last chance. We need help in any way, and it'd be much appreciated if you would help us. Thank you, and have a good day.


(PM me in game if you wish to talk to me about anything or if you have any questions)