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Flag: Yellow Sun like structure in the left upper corner and blue background
Blue: Signifies water we stomped upon when first founded the country.
Yellow sun: Signfies Sun that never sets off in our republic.

History ((rp stuff in here))

I don't want to make it too long, so I will put only the IMPORTANT parts.
According to Nomadzi History book made in Lenoria:

,,Nomadzi was founded about 5 or 4 years ago on an island, the people settling there however, existed for 8 years on the territory. Nomadzi signifies Nomads in Polish, but Nomadzi despite the name, never really moved itself unless forced. Their first government was based around true democracy and capitalism. Nomadzi WASN'T strong militarly until later, they were strong however in the navy. They stomped all navy invading their island and they setup succesfully couple of colonies nearby." page 15

,,Nomadzi had a RP approach to factions before they even knew about RP" page 10

Where is Nomadzi now

Nomadzi is a current minority under Lenorian Empire, but is ethnically, culturally and ideologically different.


Nomadzi started off as a capitalist democracy, however changed quickly into a Republican Dictatorship when Nomadzian age of conquest started. It stayed like that until Espagne era where a Republic was put in place, I could almost say a merchant republic, since Espagne had a self-sufficient town, that selled almost every material you could find. The last time Nomadzi played we went back to the Democracy but once conquests started again we chose a leader so we are not disorganised.


Nomadzi (Or Espagne) was weak in terms of men, but less men, more equipement and reserves. Nomadzi often worked as supplier to the people. For instance, if there was a strong nation in the server that fought another one, Nomadzi supported the smaller one with their equipement and men. One of those instances was Battle of Enklava, in which 2 Nomadzi men went to help a defending fort.


Polish. Nothing special, Nomadzi was only designed for Polish people at the start.


Fight: Symbol of Nomadzian conquests and Espagne War with Toxic (fac name.)
Help: Symbol of Nomadzian and Espagne lend lease to other countries.
Unite: Symbol of a Union made between Nomadzi and couple other factions.
Defeat: Defeat of Toxic, ZCO, Apocalypse (all these are faction names)


Economy of Nomadzi changed throughout the timeline, first off it started with capitalism, but soon it became more and more Communist with introduction of a new member Mister12345, after that Nomadzi stayed a socialist/communist society with some capitalist values.