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The Lenorian Empire

    The Lenorian Empire is a nation of multiple cultures and people. It is a vast land, with multiple locations, as its armies march through the lands seeking resources for the growing Empire. The nations primary language is Lenorian, however there are minorities within its bounds. In this post you will be able to fully understand the complex relationships and cultures embedded in this great nation, and get a better grasp of what makes the Empire tic. 

    The Government of Lenor is one of complexity, but united under a task of Lenor first policy. While it is called an Empire, Lenor still cherishes features of government from its evolution long ago. An Emperor does sit on the top, heir to the throne of the Shaw Dynasty, however a republic of town leaders makes decisions of national law and commerce. The Emperor does retain the power of foreign policy however. The republican side of the Empire consists of a senate made up of town leaders chosen to run their positions through things such as military rank, minority leadership, and even simple loyalty to the Empire. Within the Empire itself, there are provinces drawn up in which a town leader has total power over with the Empires authority. 

    The Military takes a vital rule in Lenorian politics and culture, as Lenor is a pro-active imperial power. The Military is divided up into ranks like privates to Generals. Generals are often those chosen to lead towns, however colonels have been given such privileges in the past. Every town leader usually must serve in the military in some way, usually leading localized militias of the towns and regions they command. While civilians lead lives of peace, and the senate focuses on domestic issues, the Imperial Army defends the lands borders and goes into battle on a senate request. Another thing to note, within the Empire drafting during war is a common thing.

    Lenorian culture is based around many fields of interests. While very militaristic and Imperialistic, the Empire still enjoys many things such as religion, festivals, and the benefits which come from a socialistic society. The Lenorian religion is one distinctly based around the worship of the past royals of the Empire, from Grand Duke Jakup Shaw, to the Empress Fernanda. The religion is away of keeping the culture of the Empire alive, as many past histories are taught orally. In terms of festivals, Lenorians enjoy distinct holidays such as V-MCAR day, Emperors Day, and the festival of autumn. Lenorians during festivals are a people which take their brew handily, and can go days on end with grand sparring, drinkings, and horse racing. 

    Within the Empire, there are minorities which have their own backgrounds and cultures as the Empire has conquered many lands, as well as those who voluntarily assist in its conflicts for benefits rewarded after victory. These minorities are the Nomadzi and Mafia, who will both have independently have their own stories told. While these groups help Lenor in its goals, it is important to distinguish the Lenorian from the non-Lenorian. There are different goals, cultures, focuses. After conquest, nations taken down by the Lenorians are usually fully assimilated into the Empire, and are forced to adapt to the Empires culture. 

  Lenorian Values:

    The Lenorians are a people with very distinct goals and values laid out through religion and social structure. Every Lenorian is loyal to his brother, through thick and thin, never giving in to the words of the other lands. Lenorians also cherish sharing, and doing better for the common good of all Lenorians. Loyalty is rewarded, betrayal is met with the worst of punishments. Lenorian goals consist of spreading the culture of the Empire, as well as true society to the less-enlightened souls. As an Imperial nation, it sees the less developed as those who need Lenorian guidance to overcome their ways, and as Lenorians any conquered people can join in the glory which is the Empire. As it says in the book of origin: "Though I may slay my foe in battle, if he be willing to accept the ways of light he shall be rewarded with brotherhood and grace."