Thread Contributor: VehlirSurrender Agreement of the Elion Republic, 419 ACE
Surrender Agreement of The Elion Republic
Declared on the 201st Day of Evermoon, 419 ACE

This document hereby declares that the Elion Republic officially surrenders to Aureus. In order to meet the demands of Aureus, the Elion Republic shall revoke all military and civic claims inside the Timberlands. In return Aureus will aid the Elion Republic in building a new city by supplying the Republic with construction materials and workers. Upon making this document official, Aureus will not reinstate any hostilities with the Elion Republic due to territorial or expansion reasoning's, so long as the Elion Republic continues to respect and avoid Aureus' claim to The Timberlands. Also upon making this document official, the Elion Republic will be reinstated in it’s neutrality status with Aureus, and the war between the two nations shall be over.

Shown Furcott
Founder of The Elion Republic

Vehlir Loknir
Magister of Purewater Crossing & Council Member of The Elion Republic

Signature of Approval:
Raxius Dykron
Founder of Aureus

you guys serious