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Future State of Atlas
By: Merfrid

These are some great ideas that have crossed my head. I have decided to compile those ideas and share all of them with Atlas!
#1 - Expansionism
As you all may know Atlas has a great plugin for nations. But while using the plugin for quite some time I have come across many things that should be changed/implemented. Expanding a town/nation's territory can be very expensive, time consuming, and a difficult job. You can only get so far before realizing your nation's coffers have been greatly reduced due to the high cost of plot purchasing. My proposal is that expansionism be implemented into the plugin.
Things to be added:
Establishment of Colonies/Outposts/Camps/Etc.
Instead of charging high price, the establishments will be charging much less than that of a plot.
Colonies can be run by Governors whereas Outposts/Camps/Etc may be run by anybody.

#2 - Weather/Temperature/Seasons
At the moment Atlas has no system for realistic weather conditions. If possible a system may be implemented judging by how much support vanilla can provide.
Weather Examples: Blizzards,Thunderstorms, and Wildfires
Temperature Examples: A thermometer could be added to measure in Fahrenheit. If it is too cold or hot players will receive effects accordingly. Cold: Wear protective clothing or build a source of heat. Hot: Wear minimal clothing and cool off in water.
Seasons: You get the idea of that.
#2.1 - Sub-Suggestion - Hydration
If the player does not drink enough water they will receive negative effects.
Possibly even death if not dealt with in time
#3 - Drums/Horns
Drums and Horns should be implemented into Atlas to signal/intimidate enemies, allies, neutral players. The drums/horns can be customized to tailor the nation/town/player's needs.

#3.1 - Sub-Suggestion - Beacons
Beacons can be created out of any structure and when lit a nation/town/colonys allies are notified of an emergency issued by the nation's beacon.

#4 - Resource Buildings
This is something I am sure players would like to be added. This will make resource production more engaging and organized.
All the buildings will work accordingly.
#4.1 - Sub-Suggestion - Industrialism
This idea will make nations/towns more interesting to manage. If a nation/town works hard enough and sufficiently upgrades their resource buildings(Refer to Suggestion #4.2). They will be able to produce resources/materials in large scales.
#4.2 - Sub-Suggestion - Building Upgrades
The main idea is to provide upgrades to resource buildings/guard-towers/etc.
#5 - Transportation
Here is another revolutionary ideas I have for Atlas. Athera is a big place and transportation projects for nations/towns is expensive and time consuming; nations/towns deserve an easier way to transport goods/players/etc.
Steam Engines(Old Fashioned Trains)
Wooden Boats/Ships
Regarding trains there should be an easier way to build railroads/canals/etc. Without wasting resources and time needed for nations/towns to complete other goals or projects.
#6 - Different Varieties/Categories of Weapons
This suggestion doesn't need much explanation. All of you I am sure are familiar with this concept.
Different types of Ranged Weapons(Crossbows/Longbow/Composite/Re curve/Etc
#7 - Terrain Reformation
Atlas has a beautiful terrain but I don't get that fantasy/exotic feeling when I travel across Atlas. There are no interesting places to explore.
Regional Mountain Ranges
Massive Waterfalls
I'm thinking possibly in the future Athera can undergo some changes. As well as expanding the map and adding things like continents/islands/etc. One thing I'd like to mention is making the map high resolution for editing or creative purposes.
#8 - Prison Systems
I am thinking players can create working jails/dungeons/etc. Hold players for ransom money or information. Using a custom item for capturing players.

Side Suggestions:
Improved Magic System
Horse charge damage
New skill sets(Alchemy,Cooking,Sailing, etc)
1. Expansionism
- So I like your thinking, but we've already thought about this in the dev team. We'd have to change up the nation grouping system obviously to make it work the way you want, but what would separate colonies from towns, or are colonies towns? What differentiates colonies from outposts/camps/etc, is it how much land they can claim and their taxes, or? Wouldn't you be able to spam these everywhere and raise proximity taxes on other nations for minimal costs? Etc. Tons of things to consider with this.

2. Weather/Temperature/Seasons
- Now, whether this is possible with spigot or not, I'm not sure unless you had commands for the thermometers and etc. This all seems cool and stuff, but we can't forget that this is Minecraft and this just adds to the whole "hardcore" aspect, may overwhelm new players, and may make it even harder for them to survive, as if it wasn't already. Now, if a new player got immunity to these conditions just as they get the keep on death thing, that could possibly work. But if you think about it, unlike an RPG like Black Desert Online which has something like this for the desert in the game, we have people that could possibly live forever in the north or in the desert, and yes it's realistic but wouldn't it be a ridiculous hassle to survive in these conditions, like with water and stuff? Fills your inventory, and definitely makes sieges interesting as players have to consider the weather. I'm for it as long as it isn't too game changing and is easy to track, but I feel that you'd have to track it with commands or some sort of thing shown above your health bar, but I'm not too sure. Good idea but needs a lot of thought put into it.

3. Drums/Horns
- This has already been brought up and I believe we plan on doing something like this in the future.

4. Resource Buildings
- I get the whole "civilization" game feel comes from this, but if you think about it, it doesn't really make it more "engaging". Sure it makes it organized, but in the end it's just an automated way to get resources and that's not what we want on Atlas. This makes it possible to automate the income of gems and essentially have to do nothing to upkeep a small town, especially if there's progression in your 4.1 idea of industrialism. 
- I like the idea in 4.2, upgrading guard towers and etc, but again this ties in with our currently gameplay. Guard towers, warcamps, and etc are already powerful as they are and I don't think they need to be upgraded really. We plan on coming out with donor perks to customize them but that's about it.

5. Transportation
- Airships from your list have been discussed, and they break some raiding mechanics so Ajaxan is debating on adding them, although I see it being a thing in the future. As for your wooden ships, I personally think that it would be amazing but again, I have no idea if it's even possible to implement. Mars/Macus may have some ideas but again, not 100% guaranteed. Steam engines are easily replaceable by minecraft rails and a minecart, yes it's a cool idea and maybe we could make a faster minecart that is powered by coal. Steamships, a good idea, but also weird to implement. 

6. Categories of weapons
- I know this is a future plan, and we intend on implementing it, but our current problem is bugs and we're working on that before any of these things. 

7. Terrain
- I don't think you've explored our continent enough, and you don't give enough credit to Ajaxan here. We have massive waterfalls, we have volcanoes, we have regional mountain ranges, we have valleys. You just need to find them ;) 

8. Prison Systems
- This would be cool but I think it just takes the realistic aspect too far. If someone can't afford it or etc, it's just halting to gameplay and leads to harassment of players and could potentially drive players off the server.

Side Suggestions:
- Magic system is being worked on for a revamp soon
- Horses being revamped are a future update I'm actually working on right now
- New skill sets, please go into detail with these, we haven't really thought about making our own version of MCMMO, but it has no depth and that's why we don't have it. Our skills would have to add some sort of benefit like Runescape, where it let you interact with higher tier things as you leveled up instead of increasing combat damage and stuff with a punch making you be able to one hit kill people with your fist, like MCMMO can do.
You have a great point Asymphir, especially with the resource buildings/weather/and prisons. The reason I suggested these things is rather due to playing on modded servers/highly modified vanilla servers for quite some time.
I feel like having a temperature and hydration bar would just be annoyingly tedious. Also, if we had a weather system, that too could become annoying while going around and doing various things. Perhaps if you want to do things with weather, maybe just have lightning storms occur a little more often and have them last different timestamps?