Thread Contributor: turkeystarReappearing Quest Named "Evasion Tactics"
So the quest "Evasion Tactics" starts in Beswin and Takes you to Cirilia. It's the one where instead of killing the Arykaro guy in the cave you work with him. So what happened was that I went to Cirilia, like the quest said, and talked to councilman Donovan. After that I logged out for a day or so and when I came back the quest book told me to speak to councilman Donovan again, which I did and then went back to Beswin to complete to rest of the quest. Erasing it from my journal, I completed the quest and eventually logged off. When I logged back on the "Speak with councilman Donovan" part was back in my journal. Now its been in my journal for a day or so. 
I don't think i was doing anything other than walking and buying things from the auctioneer, so I believe that this bug is related to leaving the server and joining again. 

Also here's the exact wording of the part of the quest:
EVASION TACTICS: Speak with Councilman Donovan in Cirilia and ensure that reinforcements are not sent to Beswin.
Nice let me make a report and tell the admins thanks for reporting it :D