Thread Contributor: Adara_Small additions
Just a few things which I'd like to see added

Crates would be a useful thing that could be added to the server. They would be shulker boxes that weigh you down (which is something that I know is already implemented) and could be crafted by placing a chest in the center of a crafting table, placing iron blocks in the corners, and logs in the remaing spaces. 

End vendor: 
Certain things like chorus fruit and end stone are currently unobtainable or unintentionally obtainable. I think a vendor that sells some of these things could open more options for builders and Brewers.

Remove wind spirits from the anshe:
These are annoying and pointless. All they do is camp telaria.

add a reektal caravan:
This place seems like it should have a caravan, it is a settlement which as I understand is planned to be developed more after all.

Reset the grand exchange ai trades:
240 for a totem of undying is waaaaaaay to good a deal and selling a gold block at only 20 gems is broken.
I wonder what this big red button does?