Thread Contributor: RaxiusIthaca Funding Grant, 418 ACE
Ithaca Funding Grant
Proposed on the 503rd Day of Evermoon, 418 ACE by Founder Raxius

Article I:
Section I:
This document authorizes an official funding grant, that will be given to the nation of Ithaca from the nation of Aureus.
Section II:
The ruler of Ithaca shall use this grant to develop the infrastructure of Ithaca for the greater good of Athera.
Section III:
If the ruler of Ithaca is found to be giving away this money to other nations, then Aureus will immediately declare Ithaca as a hostile state and attempt to take back the remaining funds.
Section IV:
Within this grant, Aureus shall give the nation of Ithaca 5,000 Gems.

Passed through an official vote of the council on the 300th Day of Timberfall, 418 ACE.