Thread Contributor: RaxiusOutpost Establishment Act, 418 ACE
Outpost Establishment Act 
Proposed 230th Day of Timberfall, 418 ACE by Founder Raxius

Article :
Section I:
This act defines, and authorizes the establishment of outposts.
Section II:
This document defines outposts as official claims of Aureus, that maintain control over a specific area.
The specifications stated in this section are official and shall not be violated.. Outposts found in violation of these specifications can be unclaimed, and the manager of said outpost will be punished by an official vote of the council.
  1. An outpost cannot be bigger than 16 plots, unless given authorization to become bigger by an official vote of the council.
  2. An outpost must be claimed in a spot where a town would be built.
  3. Outposts must function as a claim for an area of the timberlands and produce a resource that is desired by Aureus.
  4. There must be one member to manage each outpost established.
  5. Outposts can only be claimed in the timberlands.
Section III:
Outposts can only be established if authorized by an informal majority vote of the council.
Section IV:
Outposts can be managed by a Knight or higher.
Section V:
This document can be amended, reformed, or repealed through an official vote of the council.

Passed through an official vote of the council on the 300th Day of Timberfall, 418 ACE.