Thread Contributor: alexichou90Fixing the GE
1. Quest Items

     Render quest items unsellable so when the same quest item is sold multiple times at the GE, the it doesn't start selling it. Therefore disabling the game from generating unique 
     items out of thin air. Or simply render quest items worthless when selling and to never appear in the GE's inventory.
2. Selling Items

     Limit the quantity of items a player can sell daily, this will prevent the GE from being fed the same item by the same player over the same 24 hrs, meaning that what the GE sells 
     is solely dependent on what the general public sells.

     the only issue with this fix would be a group of players agreeing on selling the same item within the same day, causing the GE to start selling said item the same day.

3. Inventory Changes

    In most games, a vendors inventory only resets after a thirty minutes, to prevent the GE from immediately selling the items it was previously sold multiple times, have the GE's 
    inventory change after an hour, this is to prevent people from farming items hard to get items pretty easly

4. Stock 

    When the GE's inventory updates, have a limited amount of stacks of a certain item, say a group of players sells 16 stacks of the same item each, when the reset happens have the 
    GE sell 5 stacks of  the said item. This prevents any set item from clogging up the sell menu.

These were my ideas on fixing the GE.