Thread Contributor: AxioPrepyaSurrender Agreement of New Swabia
Surrender Agreement of New Swabia
Declared on the 235th Day of Evermoon, 418 ACE

This document hereby declares that the nation of New Swabia officially surrenders to Aureus. In order to meet the demands of Aureus, New Swabia shall revoke all diplomatic and  trade relations with Aliahan. If New Swabia is found to be in violation of this agreement, Aureus will immediately re-declare war. Upon making this document official, New Swabia will be reinstated it’s neutrality status with Aureus, and the war between the two nations shall be over.

Kaiser Axio Prepya
Founder of New Swabia

Signature of Approval:
Raxius Dykron
Founder of Aureus