Thread Contributor: RaxiusAureus Foreign Policy, 418 ACE
Aureus Foreign Policy
“Sleeping Dragon Diplomacy”
Proposed on the 31st Day of Evermoon, 418 ACE

Article I:
Section I:
This policy shall be the guiding legislation to how Aureus decides to deal with neutral nations/states.
Section II:
This document can be amended, replaced, or revoked by upholding a council vote.
Section III:
If a member of Aureus is found to have broken this policy, then he/she will be punished and sentenced accordingly to the current Aureus Punishment Policy.

Article II:
Section I:
Aureus will not intentionally slander or disrespect other neutral nations/states.
Section II:
Aureus will not incite violence, attack, assault other neutral nations/states, unless given a reason to do so. This also applies to individuals who hold allegiance to no nation/state. If Aureus wishes to change it’s diplomatic stance on a neutral nation/state then a council vote must be upheld in order to do so.
Section III:
Aureus citizens are allowed to freely trade with all neutral nation/states, as long as said trading obeys the Laws of Aureus.
Section IV:
Citizens of neutral nations/states are allowed to peacefully visit Aureus owned towns and cities, after being searched by a Guard.
Section VI:
Aureus members are allowed to engage in combat with another member of a neutral nation/state if they are defending themselves from said member. This also applies to individuals who hold allegiance to no nation/state.
Section VII:
If a neutral nation/state sieges, raids, or assaults a member of Aureus, Aureus is will automatically align said nation/state as hostile, and enact war time diplomacy. This does not mean Aureus is officially at war, but the military may engage without the vote of the Council.

Passed through an official vote of the council on the 97th Day of Evermoon, 418 ACE.