Thread Contributor: RaxiusOrganizing the Lore forum
So currently, the Lore section of the forums is one giant cluster, and it feels very unorganized. My suggestion calls for organizing the lore forum into 4 separate categories. When an individual clicks on the lore Forum, these four categories would pop up.

Official Lore: A place for admins to post the official lore of the world of Atlas.
Stories/Player Lore: A place for players to post their character's own individual role-play stories or folklore stories, such as journals, eye witness accounts, religious/non-religious fables, poems, even religious textbooks. This would probably contain the widest variations of posts and would probably be the one most used.
Diplomacy/Politics: A place for nations to post their role-play trade agreements, war declarations, policies, other legislation etc.
Marketplace: A place for players  as an individual or their nation as a whole to role-play post about buying items. 

If you think this is a good idea please upvote, or if you have an even better suggestion for organizing the lore forum please comment below.
sounds good +1
All things considered, I'm probably an antagonist in this story. 
+1 Sounds good, the place is a bit clustered and can be executed well regarding organization.
+1 Simple and effective.
stop it
This is a neat idea! As a matter of fact, the whole forums are getting a brand new theme, so they'll be getting a bit of an overhaul soon.
love the idea!  
would it be possible to further separate the lore using searchable tags?  you could have official <insert nation> lore, all viewable together using a search(?) or is that already a thing and i’m just blind