Thread Contributor: FlavoneJournal Entry no.2
After a short search, you find another journal page, though this one becomes illegible about halfway down, some sort of water damage

Journal Entry no. 2
Akinvar was not lying when he described Atlantis as a city of glass.  The entire city is built on the floor of the ocean, and the walls are made of thick glass, allowing observers to see fish swimming through the coral on the seabed.  Akinvar has continued telling me tales of the Atlanteans.  As best as I can tell from his stories, the Atlanteans came from another dying world -just like the others that came through the Obelisk, now that I think about it-. However, they managed to retain some memories of their doomed world, through either luck or fate. They initially sought asylum with the Shen, learning the elemental magics, but decided to leave the main body of Athera in order to preserve the Atlantean culture. They founded Atlantis far off the coast of Athera, and constructed the massive glass structure that encases it, apparently paying homage to some great wonder of their destroyed world. I have not yet figured out how they managed to construct Atlantis, nor many other secrets of their Great Library, but the Atlanteans’ friendliness means that I have plenty of time to comfortably explore their city of glass and stone.  I only wish th...

The writing trails off into illegible ink smudges
The rest of the page is impossible read