Thread Contributor: FlavoneJournal Entry no. 1
Among loose papers lightly coated with dried salt, you find a journal entry.  
It is written in a casual scrawl: the author obviously did not expect their entry to be read.

Journal Entry no. 1
    After losing sight of my ship in the massive storm, I thought myself a goner, doomed to drown at sea.  Imagine my surprise, then, when I awoke to find myself in a small room amongst strangers!  They call themselves “Atlanteans” and only a few speak the common tongue, the rest utilizing some ancestral language of sorts.  They seem wary of me, even though I’ve been bedridden these past few days.  Their healer seems friendly enough though, and he can speak in the common tongue, but for the life of me I can’t remember what his name is (“Akinvar” or “Ahimbar,” or something like that.)  He passes the time by talking about Atlantis, their city, which I apparently landed on top of during the storm.  He tells me that the people here were surprised that I managed to boat as far as I had into the ocean. Their city has remained hidden from the rest of Athera for some time, according to him.  He also briefly mentioned that the locals fished up my ship from the ocean floor while I was unconscious, as they evidently found my unintentional ocean-floor “littering” unacceptable.  While I'm grateful, I'm not exactly sure I want to use my boat again, considering that it sunk the last time I used it.  One thing I am certain about is that I am getting out of this cramped room as soon as I'm well enough to get out of the medical cot.  I want to explore this city with “more books than one could read in a lifetime” and walls of the “finest” glass (words of the healer, not mine).  I don’t doubt that he loves his home city, but I find myself doubting that a truly great city would have gone undiscovered for any period of time.  

    Whatever the case, any view would be better than this small room I am confined to.

The journal entry ends here, though the rest of the page is filled with various sketches of stylized fish and a few illegible characters that look to be in some foreign tongue
Quite a discovery! I look forward to hearing more of your exploits in this mysterious city!