Beta Launch Date Information
Beta Launch Date Information

Welcome everyone to the Atlas forums and thank you all for being here! As most of you know our Beta, at the time of writing this post is less than a week away! As such I want to share with you all some important information about the Beta.

Start Date: Saturday, March 11th
Start Time: 4:00pm CST
Server IP Address:
Server Public Discord:
Server Official Website:

Beyond this basic information, there are some other important pieces of information to know. First off, the Beta is whitelisted! Not to worry though as everyone is eligible, all you have to do is message me on discord so I can send you the Beta Agreement. Upon finishing the agreement, you will be added to the Beta Whitelist and after the Start time and date have arrived, you will have access to the server!

To sign up message me on discord: Ajaxan#5642
If you've already talked to me but have not yet signed the agreement:

The next important piece of information is to remember that this is a Beta! If you expect smooth sailing, you'll be very disappointed. The admin and development team will do our best to make things as smooth as possible but its good to expect frequent restarts and occasional downtime of the server.

Finally, the Beta does offer some great advancement opportunities for those that are looking to take a bigger part on Atlas and help us on the path to greatness. Help others, act appropriately, and hopefully by the end of Beta you will be rewarded by crushing responsibilities! I'm kidding, of course, being on the moderation team is a fantastic experience but it does require taking on some extra responsibility. As such, don't blinding rush into trying to get promoted without accepting that responsibility first!

OK everyone, that's all I've got for now. Go forth and spread the word about Atlas! Let's make this server the best it can possibly be!