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While elemental magic looks cool and can be useful in certain situations, it's currently very weak. I believe if it's ever going to be balanced enough to compete with other magic it needs a major overhaul.
My opinion is that we should leave the idea of elemental as a damage dealing magic behind. That's what unholy magic is for. Holy magic is general support, protection, and healing.
I would propose then that elemental magic be primarily focused on utility and transport. Here are some wand ideas.

Water Spells -----

Bubble: An effect similar to the shield wand found in holy magic for underwater use.
- A glass bubble full of air around the player that only works underwater
- Moves with the player, but player can not swim while in the bubble due to no water inside. Would force the player to walk along the seabed.
- 30 second effect
- 60 second cooldown
Useful for underwater work and makes living and sieging underwater more of a possibility.

Stream: The old wand was too overpowered in combat, and was thus replaced by gills. This is a less powerful version with a view toward the suggested utility aspect of elemental magic.
- An AOE spell that essentially acts as placing water around one's feet for a brief moment, pushing entities away in all directions.
- Would not flow into the block caster is in.
- Obsidian effect on lava would last for 5 seconds before reverting in a way similar to the lava wand when used in water.
- Places the "water bucket" for 3 seconds before removing and letting the stream flow away normally.
- Must have a range limit to prevent water flowing a long way down a slope.
- 90 second cooldown
Would be useful in mob avoidance and could save player from lava while mining.

Fire Spells -----

Wildfire: AOE effect to clear patches of ground for clean terraforming.
- Ring of fire races outward from caster destroying all grass, flowers, crops, vines, and any leaf blocks 1-2 blocks above ground in a 16 block radius.
- Ignores all other blocks including logs which must be removed by hand.
- Converts all grass, podzol, mycelium, and coarse dirt to regular dirt within AOE.
- Cannot be used in or affect foreign claims.
- Ring of fire deals little or no damage.
- 20 second cooldown.
Useful for clearing large areas of land for crops or building projects.

Dragonscale: Spell allowing caster or subject to move and survive in lava
- Fire resistance effect for 30 seconds.
- Unable to break hard blocks for spell duration.
- Unable to place TNT for spell duration.
- 120 second cooldown.
Lets a player survive lava and fire at the expense of not being able to break hard blocks or place explosives. Could be good for mining.

Wind Spells -----

Breeze: A distance travel spell that lowers caster's armor.
- Speed 2 for 120 seconds.
- Removes all armor but boots for spell duration.
- Replaces current boots with leather boots similar to gills "Diving Helmet". Click to remove the speed effect and return all armor.
- 180 second cooldown.
Good for questing but risky since you lose most of your armor points.

Crosswind: A defensive spell that has a chance to deflect projectiles.
- 70% chance to deflect projectiles for 10 seconds.
- If caster fires a projectile during effect it gets deflected back and hits caster.
- Does not affect magic projectiles.
- 60 second cooldown.
An elemental mage has to have defensive capability. This allows caster to protect against archers.

Earth Spells -----

Fang: An defensive spell almost identical to the evoker mob's defensive ring fang attack.
- Evoker defensive fang attack.
- Deals poison 2 for 3 seconds.
- 60 second cooldown.
A second defensive spell for protection against melee attack.

Drill: A group buff for excavation and mining.
- Haste 1 for 90 seconds to all players in 16 block radius.
- Does not affect obsidian mining speed.
- 120 second cooldown.

Lightning Spells -----

Charge: The current chain lightning wand with reduced damage.
- 40 second cooldown.
Used for charging creepers and zombifying pigs. Not sure our chain lightning fans could go without their favorite toy.

Orb: Magic damage reduction.
- Incoming magic damage deals only deals subject 50% damage for 5 seconds.
- Lightning effect strikes the subject for 0 damage and enchant particles surround.
- 80 second cooldown.
Softens the damage of a magic attack for a brief period.
Not an Arkayo supporter in any means.
+1 as well, cause using it for stuff such as environmental reasons actually works because of its theme, and would give the branch a unique advantage regarding survival.
+1 I want this so bad as an elemental user.
Thank you for posting this! While this is certainly helpful, what would also help us a lot is a list of the current Elemental spells and what you think is wrong with each of them. 

The idea of making Elemental's main function utility and transport is certainly interesting, but my one concern is that that doesn't have much sustainability. By which I mean - there are only so many ways to improve a player's movement and utility functions (some of which you've suggested below, which seem very cool.) But beyond that, as we look to expand each magic school to 20, 30, 40 spells down the road... how many more transport/utility spells can there possibly be? There are substantial different combinations of ways to deal damage and effects to players, which leave a lot of room for spell creation and exploration. Hence, our idea to differentiate the types of damage spells between Elemental and Unholy: Elemental is meant to be massive direct-damage, while Unholy is meant to be more damage-over-time, AoE, and debuff-focused.

That being said, I really love some of the spell ideas you've come up with! I think incorporating aspects of utility and transport buffs to the school would be beneficial. A few thoughts:

Bubble: While seemingly useful, why would players use this particular spell when they could simply use Gills and be more mobile?

Stream: Funny to hear that players found this OP before - we actually replaced it because we thought it was fairly useless, haha. I like your idea of using this as a sort of AoE-push spell.

Wildfire: A great idea, but if implemented would have to be limited to only player nation territory. Otherwise RIP Wraithwood

Dragonscale: I really love this one! A perfect example of a useful elemental utility.

Breeze: Interesting - would be like a version of Dash that increases duration at the cost of complete armor reduction. Would take careful balancing, but I think this could work.

Crosswind: Another great idea! Basically Counterspell but for physical projectiles.

Fang: I like this a lot as an earth spell - in fact the spell itself already exists, but since it ravages the terrain when used, we'd need to reconfigure it a bit.

Drill: An interesting idea, but another that will take careful balancing. Something that boosts mining in any way has to walk a careful line of "being useful" and "it only makes sense to go Elemental"

Charge: How would this be different than Chain Lightning other than reduced damage? Seems like players already just use Chain Lightning to creeper charging.

Orb: Another cool idea, though it seems more like a Holy spell at first glance.

Anyways, thanks for these suggestions!
+1 With tests and balances. -1 on Wildfire. Not a fan of being able to mold the surrounding area like that.

I think the limitations when creating new spells under the thought process of it being utility and movement based is only hindered by your imagination. First and foremost I know nothing about coding, and the limitations of the minecraft game. Also I'm limited in the knowledge of the spells you gain already from elemental because the wiki is so outdated. Utility is huge though. Think of every action you do in the game. You can make wands to help enhance, or buff the current skills let alone any future skills that come out. Maybe a water spell you cast that helps you catch more rare fish with no bait. You could even tier these spells. Maybe a smeltery one to were you double the the bars produced, or need one less ingredient. You could give buffs for more haste, or fortune, or a buff that during the duration it doesn't reduce the durability of the wielded item.

 My main point is: moving away from damage dealing and towards utlity/movement is extremely beneficial for the skill. I say don't be quick with change, but don't delay because you're worried about the future. Have a solid plan, and also worry about that when the time comes. Who knows what the needs will be in the future, and you can work accordingly.

All my opinion :)
(02-25-2018, 12:50 PM)Gawst Wrote: You can make wands to help enhance, or buff the current skills let alone any future skills that come out. Maybe a water spell you cast that helps you catch more rare fish with no bait. You could even tier these spells. Maybe a smeltery one to were you double the the bars produced, or need one less ingredient. You could give buffs for more haste, or fortune, or a buff that during the duration it doesn't reduce the durability of the wielded item.

The main issue with this is that it becomes difficult to balance against the other 2 schools of magic. Buffing skills like that is undoubtedly useful, but very quickly gives Elemental an unfair advantage over the other 2 schools. Sure, being able to heal or debuff or do large amounts of damage is useful, but increasing the ability to catch rare fish, allowing additional smeltery output, or even giving mining buffs like haste and fortune directly improve, and thus unbalance, a player's economy. It would make Elemental more or less the only viable school to take, because there is just no amount of damage output an Unholy spell can give to be on par with a spell that allows players to make more money faster.

This is not at all to discount the idea of making transport and utility buffs a part of the Elemental school, however. I think this would be a great addition to Elemental, and something we certainly will be looking into. I just think it cannot be the only component - ideally we would make the school's core functionality a mix of utilitarian buffs and direct damage-dealing.
Yeah I see where you're coming from Iyo. I wasn't thinking take out all the DD spells, or to not add new ones. Like you said, focus on utility. If balanced right it can make a tough decision for some people, and it could make the ones with it extremely useful in a nation.