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The Constitution of The Lost Empire
Proposed on the 436th day of Cryos, 417 ACE
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Article I. Declaration of Purpose
1.  This Document Establishes the Government of The Lost Empire, the rights and duties of its citizens, as well as the processes of and relating to diplomacy and new member acceptance
2.   This document takes precedence over any other laws or treaties of the Lost Empire, and may not be violated by its members in any way, shape, or form
3.   This Document is applicable only to members of the Lost Empire, and the towns within it
Article II. Rights and Duties of the Citizens
1.   All citizens have the right to their own materials and savings
2.   All citizens may use materials and resources in the community chests without penalty
3.   All citizens should share information (ex: smeltery recipes, brewing recipes, fishing bait and locations, fletchery, tannery recipes, quests, etc) to keep The Lost Empire friendly
4.   Citizens are recommended to stay active and help pay the nation’s taxes
5.   Citizens must not seek out PvP or fights, The Lost Empire is a conscientious objector in regards to war and international conflict (see Article III)
6.   Citizens have the right to petition the government for change (see Article VII)
7.   All members have access to the Great Library, and may contribute to its shelves
Article III. Diplomacy and Ideals
1.   The Lost Empire will offer pacts of neutrality and nonviolence to all nations who are interested
2.   The Lost Empire will not initiate any military action against other nations, though supplying resources to and supporting allies is not out of the question
3.   The Lost Empire shall welcome any visitor, and will supply them with fish if they are in need of sustenance
4.   The Lost Empire shall strive to avoid taking part in any sieges
Article IV. New Members and Promotion
1.   Aspiring members of The Lost Empire must make their desire to join known to a member of at least Citizen ranking
2.   Aspiring members must accept the neutrality and pacifism of The Lost Empire
3.   Aspiring members will be accepted into the Pilgrims rank
4.   Pilgrims may be promoted to Citizen after receiving the approval of a council of Citizens and higher ranked members (Speakers and the Serpent Speaker)
5.   Citizens may only be promoted by a council of current Speakers or the Serpent Speaker
6.   A Speaker may only be promoted to Serpent Speaker by the Serpent Speaker themself
Article V. Responsibilities of Members and Ranks
1.   No member may reveal the location of Atlantis to any nation or player who has not agreed to a neutrality pact with The Lost Empire
2.   Citizens and above must remain active and productive members of The Lost Empire (being inactive for over two Atheran years will render your private resources public)
3.   Speakers must assist the community of The Lost Empire and must contribute to tax payments
Article VI. Founding New Towns
1.   New towns must be approved by a council of Speakers and the Serpent Speaker
2.   New Town upkeep may not exceed 10 gems daily per citizen residing in it
3.   Upkeep must be supplied by the town founder
4.   Larger towns may be allowed if their founder demonstrates the capability to pay the taxes, and a council of Speakers approves of the town’s design and theme
5.   Town locations and coordinates must be supplied to the Speakers and the Serpent Speaker, and lore must be provided as to how the town came to be
Article VII. Amendment Process
1.   Citizens submitting a proposal to amend the Laws of The Lost Empire must do so by writing and submitting a document with the signatures of all supporting members
2.   A council will then be held among all members ranked Citizen or higher to vote on whether or not the amendment will pass
3.   The Serpent Speaker may cancel any amendments seen as unreasonable or in violation of the spirit of The Lost Empire
4.   A vote of ⅔ majority will pass the Amendment into law, at which point a new Constitution must be printed and published
5.   This Document may be rendered null and void by a unanimous vote of a council of Speakers and the Serpent Speaker, if a better replacement is designed
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The Serpent Speaker
High Priestess of the Church of the Great Serpent
Ruler of Atlantis
Founder of the Lost Empire
Collector of Books
Maker of Titles
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Adopted on the 446th day of Cryos, 417 ACE