Thread Contributor: LongToggle the 'New Biome' text
I have no idea what the real name for this is, but you all should know when you enter a new biome and it has that gigantic text that pops up in the middle of screen screeching VANTIAN DESERT, alright maybe not that crazy but now that we are all caught up I can suggest!

It would be nice if there was a way to toggle the text in the middle of the screen, ideally switching between three modes if possible;

1 - The original notification, right in front of your face and shiny 

2 - A more compact notification that appears in the chat for you only instead

3 - Completely disabling the tool tip 

The main reason I am suggesting this is because if you are building on the edge of two biomes (also why are biomes/biome seen as spelling error in Google?) it gets insanely annoying to constantly have the text cover a good portion of your screen over and over again.

That's pretty much it, cheers everyone.
Not an Arkayo supporter in any means.